Published 13 August 2021 - in General

Wyser: Digital Transformation 数字化转型


How can Wyser help as your partner in the Digital Transformation?


The digital transformation that we are currently undergoing across the globe, in industries and business, vehicles, educational institutions, our homes and indeed in every aspect of life should come as no surprise to anyone. The pandemic directly accelerated the speed of work and encouraged companies in the adoption of cloud-based solutions and remote work solutions, which fueled digital transformation exactly.


The development and expansion speed of digital transformation is remarkable, and its impact on enterprises and labor market cannot be ignored. Digitalized companies have already faced the specialized labor gap in finding the increasingly specific digital skills they require, while non-digitalized companies is facing the challenge in keeping their operations in alignment with customer demand.


Something is happening within our societies directly due to this digital transformation. There is the creation of new roles within existing businesses, the generation of new types of organizations and even the definition of whole new economic sectors. The scope of the digital transformation is such that it is able to entirely revolutionize traditional industries and drive employment growth across the wider economy too. The future of jobs is truly undergoing monumental change.


So, in the digital transformation, what are the types of new management roles and skills needed to succeed? And who can your reliable partner? Download Wyser’s latest White Paper and discover more.

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