Published 29 November 2022 - in General


The growing importance of soft skills among managers points to the need for holistic hiring 软技能对管理者的日益重要性提升了对全面整体招聘的需求。


In a rapidly changing world of work, soft skills have become (and will be) increasingly critical for managers and leaders.

麦肯锡(McKinsey)的一项研究表明,面对疫情,企业明显加强了对软技能的关注,有一半的受访者(50%)表示优先考虑领导力,其次是批判性思维(48%),以及适应力和终身学习(40%)。其中增长最快的尤其是与同理心和人际关系相关的技能(2020年40% vs 2019年20%)。

According to a McKinsey study, faced with the pandemic, companies have significantly strengthened their focus on soft skills, with half of respondents prioritizing leadership (50%), followed by critical thinking (48%), resilience and lifelong learning (40%). The skills that have grown the most are especially those related to empathy and interpersonal relationships (40% in 2020 vs 20% in 2019).


And there is more: by 2030 – says Deloitte – two-thirds of all jobs will be in ‘soft skill intensive occupations’ compared to one-half in 2000, and the number of soft skill-intensive jobs will grow more than twice as fast as other types of jobs.


Whilst traditional hiring approaches largely focus on hard skills, today it is more important than ever to take a person-centred perspective.


In our latest White Paper, we present the opportunities offered by holistic hiring in assessing the “soft side” of candidates.


The study takes an in-depth look at the High Potential Trait Indicator assessment by Thomas International, which has become an additional and qualitative step in our methodology: by measuring 6 key personality traits, it helps us to have an open conversation with our final candidates about the compatibility between their “soft side” and work context. In this way, we increase the probability of a good match between the individual, the role offered and the company culture, and – in the end – increase employee retention.

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