Published 26 August 2021 - in General


Logistics, the true ‘onlife’ industry


The impact of COVID-19 is extensive and profound. In addition to our daily habits and working ways, companies and industries are also deeply affected. One of them is the logistics industry.


We find that customers are becoming highly demanding, expecting fast, flexible and seamless experiences, delivered digitally and at a lower cost. This is hugely affecting how the logistics and transport sectors conduct their core businesses.


With the popularity of e-commerce and digital economy, the emerging ESG requirements and lifestyle trends have set new challenges for the logistics and distribution operators. It has been more and more important for logistics companies to ensure its speed, agility, security and adaptability while delivering goods.


So what are the next steps for the logistic industry to meet these challenges? Innovation requires technology, and technology requires talents. Then what specific skills do those talents need? Our economies, post-pandemic, will definitely need to invest highly in staff development and upskilling, identifying those key future roles and sourcing the right people to fill them.


Where should our focus be right now, to step forwards in this complex future? What are the key trends that will affect the logistics industry over the next five years?


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