Product and Strategic Marketing Director

Published on 26/02/2024

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Job Description:

Job Description
1. Strategic Direction & Vision. 1) Define product strategy: Work with stakeholders to define a clear product strategy aligned with the company's overall goals and objectives. 2) Identify target market segments, competitive landscape, and positioning, leveraging the Company’s current business model.
2. Executing the Plan. 1) Drive product launches: Collaborate with sale and technical teams to plan and execute successful product launches. 2) Develop go-to-market strategies, positioning, messaging, and sales enablement materials to drive adoption and revenue growth.
3. Leadership & Developing Capabilities. 1) Foster a customer-centric approach: Advocate for the customer throughout the organization. 2) Ensure that user needs and feedback are integrated into the product development process, and champion a customer-centric mindset among the team.
4. Supports Profitable Growth. 1) Gather customer feedback: Establish channels to collect and analyze customer feedback, including surveys, interviews, and user testing. 2) Uses feedback to validate assumptions, identify areas for improvement, and guide product development efforts. 3)Stay updated on industry trends: Stay informed about the latest industry trends, emerging technologies, and competitive landscape. 4) Attend conferences, join industry forums, and engage in continuous learning to stay ahead of the curve.
5. Conduct market research. 1) Conduct thorough market research to identify market trends, customer needs, and competitive landscape. 2) Gather insights from customers, industry analysts, and internal teams to inform product decisions.
6. Monitor and optimize product performance. 1) Continuously monitor product performance, user behavior, and market dynamics. 2) Analyze data and metrics to identify opportunities for optimization, enhancements, and new features.
7. Communications & Collaboration. 1) Collaborates with cross-functional teams: Works closely with related cross-functional teams to ensure alignment and collaboration throughout the product development lifecycle. 2) Foster effective communication and foster a culture of collaboration. Identify priorities for value engineering.
8. Drive new products strategy and action plans. Create and manage a portfolio of projects encompassing new product development, innovation, and technical solutions.
9. Framework for Success. Plans and executes approaches related to setting measurable goals and metrics: Defining key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to track the success of our products. Establish clear goals and targets that align with the company's objectives, such as revenue growth, customer acquisition, or user engagement.
10. Culture. Establish & create a team mindset of innovation: Encourage a culture of innovation and experimentation within the organization. Explore new ideas, technologies, and business models that can drive product differentiation and growth.
11. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Establish the team’s support for EH&S regulations, policies & procedures, and prompt response to unexpected issues. Enforces legal, financial, & ethical standards.
Additional duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Main Skills Required
1. Minimum of 8 years of related work experience in product management, marketing, business, and product design.
2. Have possess experience in evaluating markets, market trends, sales, competitor activity, customer, and consumer feedback to assist in developing new product concepts and strategies, product line plans, and product roadmaps.
3. Have strong analytical, mathematical, & statistical skills; Proficient in MS Office
4. Ability to absorb complex sources of data and synthesize into easy-to-understand roadmaps & models to help drive strategic decisions and ensure alignment across the organization.
5. Strong persuasion, communication, presentation, and negotiation skills.
6. Ability to work independently, self-starter, self-motivator.
7. Detail oriented, organized, & effective planner.
8. Goal / results focused and highly accountable.
9. Bachelor’s degree required (Strong math, statistics, engineering is desired), Master’s preferred.

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