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Published on 30/01/2024

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南通, 江苏

Job Description:

1. Promote Lean culture by leading cross function teams to do Kaizen and Lean activities;通过领导跨职能团队开展改善和精益活动来推广精益文化;
2. Conduct internal Lean training plan to maintain and improve shop floor workers’ Lean knowledge and practicing skills;实施内部精益培训计划,以保持和提高车间工人的精益知识和实践技能;
3. Introduce and train Lean tools to coordinate project implementation, Such as A3, 7wastes, 5S, VSM, TPM, CIP, standardization, Visualization etc.;引进精益工具并对员工进行培训,以协调项目实施,如A3, 7waste, 5S, VSM, TPM, CIP,标准化,可视化等;
4. Support daily production operation to reach Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and People targets;支持日常生产运作,以达到安全,质量,成本,交货和人员目标;
5. Monitor the implementation of Lean Production actions and results obtained; 监督精益生产行动的实施和取得的结果;
6. Lead and coordinate projects improvement according to project plans;根据项目计划领导和协调项目改进;
7. Support to conduct specific workshops in some VSM lines to increase VSM competency; 支持在VSM的一些生产线上进行特定的研讨会,以提高VSM的能力;
8. Other tasks related to general manager's assistant role.总经理助理相关的其他工作。

任职要求: Skills & Knowledge:
1. Bachelor degree, major in Industrial Engineering, Mechanical and other related; 本科学历,工业工程、机械等相关专业;
2. More than 3 years Lean/IE practicing experience; 3年以上精益/IE实践经验;
3. Be familiar with daily operation management and 5S on site, good at communication and teamwork; 熟悉日常运营管理和现场5S,善于沟通和团队合作;
4. Rich experience in project management, skilled use Project and Visio software is preferred; 有丰富的项目管理经验,熟练使用project和Visio软件者优先;
5. Good at MS office software, such as Excel, world, PPT; Power BI and Auto-CAD is preferred; 熟练使用Excel、world、PPT等办公软件;Power BI和Auto-CAD优先;
6. Fluent in English communication (both written & oral).流利的英语沟通(书面和口头)。
7. Practical experience in Lean digitalization area is preferred.有精益数字化领域实践经验者优先。

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