Published on 19/10/2023

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Job Description:



1.Engage with customers, collect and analyze customers' needs for digital systems, and compile them into technical requirements documents.

2.Actively coordinate technical personnel to analyze, organize, and output solutions based on customers' needs.
3.Provide responses in appropriate language to customers' proposed solutions, costs, cycles, questions, malfunctions, and other issues.
4.Coordinate the implementation of digital solutions, pay attention to issues such as cost, schedule, and risk, and ensure the smooth implementation of customized options。
Job requirement
1.bachelor degree or above, English, Overseas Trading, Computer related majors are preferred;

2. Proficient in both English and Chinese, able to communicate with clients out of China independently regarding needs, plans, costs, progress, risks, etc. in oral/written form.

3.Familiar with digital solutions for forklifts or related industries, able to provide suitable solutions based on customer needs.
4.Possess supervisory initiative, able to actively coordinate internal and external resources to obtain necessary information or assistance to ensure the smooth implementation and completion of the project.
5. writing requirement analysis documents, drawing system prototypes and designing user interactive.

6.1- 3 years of working experience in a similar position.

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