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Job Description:

• Responsible for wastewater treatment daily operation. Assist to plant manager in wastewater treatment tasks with safe performance and high efficiency. Coordinate and manage production team to ensure department target achievement. 负责废水处理日常运行。协助车间经理安全和高效地完成废水处理生产任务。协调和管理团队,确保完成部门的目标指标。

Main Tasks
• Production management生产管理:
o Making strategy, planning, producing, conveying qualified utilities according to production requirements, including industry water, tap water, DM water, purified water, chilled water, cooling water, nitrogen, compress air, steam etc. Discharging rainwater timely and safely within site scope to ensure stable operation of site production activities. 根据生产需要,制定策略、安排、生产、输送合格的工业水、生活水、脱盐水、纯化水、低温水、循环水、氮气、压缩空气、蒸汽等公用工程介质。安全及时地排放基地范围内雨水,保证基地生产活动的正常进行。
o Establishing and optimizing production SOP. Supervising shift operation activities following SOP. 制定和完善生产操作规程,监督班组按照操作规程作业。
o Supervising equipment and facility running, maintenance and management. 监督设备的运行、维护和管理。
o Planning, organizing, and controlling the implementation of production tasks and follow-ups of target. 计划、组织和控制生产任务的执行和目标指标的跟踪落实。
o Participating in daily operation morning meeting and monthly management meeting. 参与每天运营管理晨会和每月管理月会。
o Engaging in performance review for team members. 参与团队成员的绩效考评。
o Ensuring 5S management system running effectively within utility team. 确保公用工程团队5S管理体系的有效运行。
o Taking deputy responsibility following department relevant procedure. 根据部门相关程序担任代理职责。

• Quality Management质量管理:
o Monitoring daily intermediate control data to ensure proper operation of utility production. 监控每日中控数据,保证公用工程运行正常。
o Organizing and coordinating co-workers to solve the problems occurred in operation. Ensure the stable supply of qualified utility products. 组织并协调相关同事共同解决生产运行中的问题,确保公用工程介质合格,稳定供应。

• Cost Control成本控制:
o Analysing KPI regularly and taking effective measures to achieve the KPI. 定期开展KPI分析,并采取有效措施达到KPI的要求。
o Leading continuous improvement on process, material and working environment to reduce cost and increase effectiveness. 领导工艺、原料和工作环境的持续优化,降低成本、提高效益。

• Training培训工作:
o Establishing and consolidating annual training plan and employee development plan for utility production team. 建立健全公用工程生产团队年度培训计划和员工发展计划。
o Taking charge of training and examination for utility operation to improve operators’ capability and performance. 负责公用工程操作培训及考核,提高员工业务能力和表现。
o Further enhancement on team recognition towards BASF core values through timely communication and feedback. Try to build a team with solidarity and high-performance. 通过及时沟通与反馈进一步提高团队对BASF价值观的认同,努力构建一个团结、高效的团队。

• Environment, safety, and health considerations related to the surface of the duties and tasks. 与环境、安全及健康有关之职责及任务:
o Strictly implementing relevant national laws and regulations. 严格执行国家相关的法律法规和规定。
o Complying with site and department EHS regulations. Supervising team performances on EHS regulation implementation. 遵守基地和部门的各项安全环保制度,监督团队安环保制度的执行情况。
o Enhancing EHS awareness in team including contractors. Supervising follow-up action implementation within team. 加强团队(包括承包商)安全、环保意识,监督团队各项安全措施的落实情况。
o Support to department ISO and RC system establishment, implementation, and continuous improvement. 支持部门ISO及责任关怀体系的建立、实施和持续改进。

Minimum Education and Qualification Required for the Position
• Education:
Bachelor degree or above in environmental engineering related环境工程相关专业本科或以上学历
• Working Experience:
Minimum 5 years equivalent work experience in wastewater treatment. 五年以上与废水处理相关工作经验
• Technical & Professional Knowledge:
Familiar with wastewater treatment process, mechanical or related field. Basic knowledge of chemistry. Strong leadership skills and conflict management capability. English is a must. Basic knowledge about ISO and 5S. 熟悉废水处理工艺、机械或相关领域;具备基本化学知识;有较强的领导力和冲突管理能力;英语熟练;了解ISO和5S管理体系;

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