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Job Description:

Objectives of the Position
 Support and cooperate with manager and team to maintain and effective EHS Management System and keep improvement at BASF PD site支持配合经理及团队确保浦东基地EHS管理体系的有效运行并持续改进
 Support manager to ensure safety activity of BASF PD site is in line with related laws and regulations 支持经理确保浦东基地的安全活动符合相关法规要求
 Zero safety incident 零安全事故
Main Tasks
1. Project Safety Permitting of Pudong Site浦东基地项目安全批文
1) Support project team to obtain safety assessment report协助项目组获得安全评价报告
2) Support project team to obtain the safety approval from government 协助项目组获得政府安全批文
2. Operation related Safety Permitting & Certification运行方面的安全许可和认证
1) Support manager and team to maintain and renew business license of hazardous chemicals of BAPS 协助经理和团队保持并更新BAPS危险化学品经营许可证
2) Support manager and team to maintain and renew Hazardous chemicals registration certificate of BAPS协助经理和团队保持并更新BAPS危险化学品登记证
3) Support manager and team to renew BAPS assessment report on safety status of use and storage of hazardous chemicals协助经理和团队更新BAPS危险化学品使用及储存安全现状评价报告
4) Support manager and team to maintain and renew the certification of Work Safety standardization of BAPS协助经理和团队保持和更新BAPS危化企业安全标准化认证
5) Support MS team to maintain and renew ISO 45001 certification of BAPS 协助体系小组保持和更新BAPS职业健康安全管理体系认证

3. Ensure Pudong Site Operation meet EHS legal and BASF requirements and ISO 45001 standard确保浦东基地运行满足EHS法规和BASF要求及职业健康安全管理体系标准
1) Participate in risk hierarchical control and potential risk screen参与风险分级管控和隐患排查
2) Be in charge of site incident management 负责基地事故管理
a. As AIMS site coordinator, to instruct and monitor all accidents input in AIMS and input site related data in AIMS regularly 作为亚太区事故管理系统基地协调员,指导和监督事故发生部门在系统内输入所有事故。同时,负责基地相关数据的定期输入;
b. Maintain site incident database维护浦东基地事故数据库
c. Participate the accident investigation and analysis 参与事故调查和分析
d. Summarize site incident summary regularly 定期汇总浦东基地事故
e. Update site safety performance data regularly 定期更新浦东基地安全绩效数据
3) Implement regular EHS inspection at site level and complete relevant records and tracking 实施基地层面的定期EHS检查并完成相关记录和跟踪
4) Support manager to monitor the contractor safety 协助经理监督承包商安全
5) Participate EHS internal audit and support MS team to pass external audit参与EHS管理体系内审并协助体系小组通过外审
4. As EHS coordinator to support plant to maintain the effective operation of EHS management system 作为EHS协调员,协助车间保持EHS管理体系的有效运行
5. Support manager and team with other EHS related issue per request根据要求,为经理和团队提供其它EHS相关事宜支持
1) Support team to organize internal EHS activities, incl. safety promotion activities. 协助团队参与组织内部EHS活动,包括安全促进活动等
2) Support manager to organize and provide EHS related training 协助经理组织和提供EHS相关培训
3) Others required by manager and team 协助经理和团队其他EHS事宜

Minimum Education and Qualification Required for the Position
• Education: 大学文化程度及以上,化工高分子材料或精细化工或化工安全专业
• Working Experience: 有化工行业工作经历
• Technical & Professional Knowledge: 熟悉化工企业的EHS管理体系和管理重点;掌握Office软件,能够英语交流。

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