Published on 02/09/2022

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Job Description:

The ideal candidate is able to see the big picture, and also to execute with great attention to details.
He/She is both data analytics and commercial content driven person. It is essential that the candidate
approaches the job with a holistic view of the Ecom business.
Research & Analytics
 Analysis of sources of traffic to store
 Tracking of the ROI of media buy and upgrade the customer recruitment
 Research and continuous improve EC paid media performance and result
 Monitor paid marketing agency to execute and operate the paid marketing plan according to campaign and KPI target
 Databank tracking of brand consumer assets evolution and consumer behavior
 Competitor performance tracking, and monitoring of industry trends and best practices
 Apply all insights from analysis to identify opportunities for improvements and innovative ideas in traffic generation and consumer engagement Planning
 Maintain the Ecom master calendar, with brand events, Ecom marketplace events, product launches,and etc.
 Manage Ecom marketing budget for traffic buy, photo shooting, content marketing, livestreaming, short video, GWP and etc.
 Plan Ecom marketplaces content marketing including but not limited to Weitao/Livestreaming/Short video
 Coordinate the mix and match. host and background design of with agency for Tmall and Tik-Tok livestreaming
 Maintain excellent standard on consumer experience through brand-right design and content
 Work with Brand marketing, marketplace partners, and other relevant teams to maximize the
performance of energy product launches
 Work with Brand Marketing, marketplace partner, and other relevant teams on integrated marketing
campaigns on Ecom platforms leveraging brand marketing resources
 Collect platform resource and identify opportunities for free traffic resources and innovative ways of cooperation with marketplace
Operations & Execution
 Maintain Ecom marketing assets library and ensure that marketing assets are fully leveraged on all
Ecom platforms
 Work with TP/agencies to execute photo-shooting, copy-writing with high quality

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