Published on 10/08/2022

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Job Description:

Job title: Project Manager Name of job holder:
Department/service: SPECC Project Signature job holder & date:
Signature hierarchical head & date: Signature functional head & date:
Organizational structure in relation to the job holder: / Position in Hierarchy
A. Purpose /Role of the job /: Describe in 1 phrase what contribution the job is expected to make
to the organisation’s objectives
The position is responsible for overseeing and managing the SPECC project
progress. Coordinate project team and related contractors. Work closely with project
functional member, such as financial, global technical, etc., leads team to achieve
safety, quality, budget, and schedule performance to deliver project at the
approved cost and highest functionality.
B. Environment/Context/Complexity of the job: Describe the most important internal and
external factors influencing the job
Internal Factors:
• Group policies and guidelines
• Effective communication
• The equipment purchasing time
External Factors:
• Government law and regulations
• Government approval
• Unstable Contractors
• Design & construction
C. Responsibilities/ Accountabilities of the job: Describe the main results expected from the job
1 Key activities: SHE part:
• Acompliance with local regulations and INEOS Styrolution SHE guidelines
• Organize and build safety operation procedure and safety production responsibility,
• Participate on regular safety training at site:
• Take responsibility for maintaining the asset and integrity of the protective system
• Follow site procedures aligned with INEOS Group Guidance Notes (IGGNs).
• Accountable for:
• Following and practicing INEOS 20 principles of Behavior Safety and
Process Safety at site through site rules and procedures
• Following and practicing Life Saving Rules at site
• Safety of other Employees, Contractors, Visitors, and partners at site
• Following Permit to Work as per the site procedure
• Following Management of Change (MOC) as per the site procedure.
• Stop work whenever there is an unsafe condition and immediately inform the Shift
Leader and/or Head of Department.
• Set safety expectations for the project and lead the team to achieve safety
goals. Serve as job representative and address all safety issues that arise with
contractors brought on site for the execution of capital projects to deliver best-inclass HSE performance.
• Support Process Hazard Analysis and Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA).
2 Key activities: Project management
• Oversee the project scope, budget, and schedule of capital project(s), including
preparation and implementation of Project Execution Plan.
• Lead FEL process, completing stage gate reviews, and obtaining management
• Lead contracting negotiation strategy, manage contractor evaluation, bid, and
award process with support from Purchasing.
• Coordinate resources to perform up front engineering and development of estimates.
• Manage project requests and backlog. Confirm accuracy of cost estimates as well
as monthly cash flow forecasts.
• Develop, gain approval for, and manage to project KPI’s and metrics.
• Lead development of a risk management plan.
• Prepare and give presentations to various levels of Company management and
other stakeholders.
• Assemble a full-time team to effectively execute the project.
• Understand contracts and manage contractors to maximize performance, control
costs and minimize claims and change orders.
D. Dimensions: Describe the most representative figures of the job (for example: number
of staff, budget you’re responsible for, number of projects,)
Facts Number or amount in €
contractors 100
equipment 200 pieces
Supervision of staff: Give the number of people you supervise (“Direct” means that they
report directly to you, “Indirect” means they report to someone who reports to you.)
Direct Indirect Total
11 0
11(5 is full time direct, 6 is
part-time direct)
E. Main contacts /Interfaces: What are the internal and external contacts you have,
necessary for reaching your results?
Who Frequency of
My role in those
contacts 1
• Responsible
• Accountable
• Consulted
• Informed
Purpose of contacts
PEC member monthly RA
Project processing
updating and reporting
Steer Committee weekly RA
Project processing
updating and reporting
Project supporting
team monthly RAC Project activities
Site GM daily RACI Project activities
Site SPECC team
member daily RACI Project activities
Local management
team daily RACI Project activities
Design Institution daily RACI
Project related
technical issues
Contractors daily RACI Project activities
Equipment vendors Weekly RACI Technical issues
1 R – Responsible for getting tasks done (in terms of practically doing things)
A – Accountable for the task (approver of costs)
C – Consulted for the task
I – Informed about the task
F. Required profile:
Level of education & Knowledge:
• University degree or above, major in chemical mechanical or related.
Experience in general:
• At least 10 years working experience in project management, led a single project of
more than 20 million USD.
Technical skills:
• Fluent in English (oral and written)
• Familiar with project and site construction management
Competencies, Behavioral skills:
• Strong sense of responsibility and team spirit.
• Excellent communication, coordination, and organization skills
• Ability to deal with problems independently
• Strong cost sense and logical thinking ability
G. Performance indicators: Describe the criteria allowing to measure to what extent the results
are achieved - related to the accountabilities
• Comply with related regulations / laws about HSE management of the company and
the government.
• Ensure project completion timely and with high quality under the budget scope
• Ensure the contractors to carry out the works on site according to the request of
working permit and related procedure and working instruction.

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