Published on 07/07/2022

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Job Description:

Job Dimensions 岗位范围
 In charge of reliability activities.
 Monthly follow up unit’s reliability KPI (key performance indicator) and propose
improvement plan.
 Review and validate PMP, SP plan and SOP for all units then transfer to site
maintenance team for follow up.
 Lead for major equipment failure’s RCA (root cause analysis) investigation and
action plan follow up.
 Study and set up related MOC proposal for unit’s reliability improvement, and
lead to implement specified MOC.
 Review and validate related technical information linked with all MOC to
guarantee mechanical integrity, like assets creation, preventive maintenance
plan, spare parts plan, documents update, maintenance procedure update etc.
 Issue related REX (return of experience) for platform and corporate sharing.
 Carry out related vibration measurement and lubrication analysis for key rotation
equipment and do monthly analysis and report abnormal findings and follow up.
 Set up training program for maintenance team.
 Participate into new projects for maintenance preparation (8 tasks) and support
for new projects commissioning.
 Supply the technical measures to persist improving the effectiveness of equipment
and processes.
 Participate in to set up platform level standards for daily maintenance, activity and
future projects.
 Back up for maintenance engineer.
Major activities and accountabilities 主要活动及职责
1. Responsibility related to production safety in Tech. dept.技术部门的安全职责
 负责机械、电气、动力设备、工艺管道、及工业建筑物等的管理,使其符合安全技
术要求;确保机械完整性。Be responsible for the management of infrastructure
on site, including mechanic, electricity, rotatory machine, process pipes etc.;
Ensure the integrity of infrastructure.
 组织对生产装置、起重机械、施工机具、锅炉、压力容器及安全装置、热力管道、
制冷设备的定期检查、校验、检测工作; To organize the preventive maintenance
to production facilities and special equipment.
 负责制定和审查有关设备改造、维护、检修的各项管理制度;贯彻执行安全规程和
规定,编制装置大检修安全组织措施计划和下达安全检修任务书;To establish
and maintain the management procedures on equipment modification,
maintenance and inspection; To implement safety rules and procedures, to
establish facility overhaul plan and organize the implementation.
 组织设备预防性专业检查,包括特种设备,对设备存在的事故隐患须及时组织力量
整改;To organize the PMP for all equipment including special equipment, to
implement corrective actions related to equipment failure.
 负责设备事故、检修质量事故和基建施工质量事故的调查、处理,参加重大事故的
调查处理工作;To be responsible for the accident investigation for equipment
related items.
 负责对外来的维修施工队伍的安全监督,督促施工队伍签订《承包商安全施工协
议》。Be responsible for the management of external maintenance contractors.
To push contractor on
 安装、使用电器产品、燃气用具和敷设电气线路、管线必须符合相关标准和用电、
用气安全管理规定,并定期维护保养、检测。The installation and use of electrical
appliances, gas appliances and electrical wiring and pipelines must comply with
the relevant standards and the safety management regulations of electricity and
gas, and maintain and inspect regularly.
 了解本岗位的职业健康,安全等风险,严格遵守各项职业卫生安全生产规章制度,
不违章作业,熟练掌握本岗位操作规程 To understand HSE risks within his/her
position, obey kind of safety production rules, no deviation, be familiar with SOPs
related to his/her position.
 参与设备事故、检修质量事故的调查和处理 To participant in the investigation
and handling of equipment accident, maintenance quality accident
 确保叉车处于安全状态,按场内机动车管理规定驾驶叉车 To ensure the forklift is
in safe condition, to manage it according to legal requirements as internal motor
 积极参与公司组织的各类职业卫生安全培训,协助参与各类事故的应急处置 To
participant in kinds of safety training and emergency response.
 了解其工作场所和本岗位职业卫生、安全、环保及消防等危害因素,严格落实岗位
 熟悉并遵守本岗位相关的职业卫生安全生产规章制度和操作规程,掌握本岗位的职
 有权对安全工作中存在的问题提出批评、检举、控告,有权拒绝违章指挥和强令冒
 参加公司的职业卫生安全检查 PGI, Shopfloor, SOS 等,及时汇报各种不安全的状
HSEQ 绩效的合理化建议,提出建议、协助领导及时改进;
 爱护和正确使用各种设备的安全防护设施,不准随意拆除不用。正确配戴使用、保
 了解事故应急处理措施,参加应急预案演练,增强事故预防和应急处理能力。知悉
 Follow company’s rules and regulations strictly; doesn’t work unsafely
 Wear PPE properly and keep PPE in good situation
 Participate in safety activities in department and platform, the rationalization
suggest concerning for safety production is welcome
 Give good suggestions to maint. Team to improve maint. Safety
 Analyze safety impact of technical changes and activities with HSE, process and
production departments
2. Daily Management 日常管理
 Prepare equipment running data to analyze equipment reliability figures
 Come out with recommendations based on data analysis to improve overall unit
 Reliability reports to be issued monthly to management (both in English and
Chinese) and follow up related actions.
 Participate in new projects, regularly tour on construction site with report/findings
and improvement recommendation, Participate into commissioning of new
 Summarize findings of site inspections towards reliability improvements,
reduction of waste and loss of performance
 Regularly organize meetings with teams to gather information and opinions, give
direction and coach team members
 Collect related information, improve / set up platform rules
 To implement vibration test for key rotary equipment according to the plan, to
submit test report on time and follow up the test result as information for
equipment management and production process
 Check the integrality of information、the veracity of data, and insure the reliability
of equipment information
 Review and validate related SP plan, PMP then transfer to site maint. Team for
 Focus on technical information /plan update after site MOC
Participate into maintenance preparation for new projects.
Required Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:
1.Knowledge 知识:
 Bachelor degree or above in Chemical equipment or Engineering or equivalent
knowledge of chemical equipment
2. Skills 技能:
 English fluent reading, writing and oral communication and clear understanding
of technical documents
3.Experience 经验:
 At least 3years of technical experience in a process industry (or better) chemical
 To be a helpful to have engineering experience.
4. Abilities 能力:
 Excellent communication and teamwork
 Systematic Problem solving ability
 Strong abilty to influence people
 High safety consciousness
 Well organized
Be good at: organization and planning, computer literate and English literate in
reading and writing

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Industrial sector


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