Published on 06/07/2022

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Job Description:

Job Description
Job title: China Lean Manufacturing Leader
Direction (Division or Department): Operational Excellence
Develop a sustainable culture of continuous improvement at each level of the organization
in order to increase the efficiency of the company. This culture should allow simplifying
our organization, increasing the reliability of our industrial asset, increasing capacity,
reducing our operating costs, reducing our variable costs and reducing the Cost of Poor
Main activities:
Three focus for Lean Manufacturing:
1. Develop sustainable Lean culture:
 Build and develop China Green-Belt network, organize routine Lean seminars
within GB network;
 Provide acculturation to BU production managers and general managers to
boost the growth of Green-Belt population and animate GB activity;
 Work closely with global team to synchronize with global evolvement;
2. Green-Belt training and performance tracking:
 Develop and maintain a standard training for YB, GB, BB and PM;
 Provide coaching to Green-Belt trainees in project selection, project definition,
project execution, Green-Belt certification and daily work relevant to Lean
3. Projects pipeline management:
 Develop, promote and maintain projects tracking database system;
 Support plant managers and continuous improvement leaders to conduct
opportunity assessment and develop project pipeline;
 Support plants to improve their maturity in performance cycle;
 Support plants to improve performance on variable cost, additional margin,
RPE and Quality, and support plants to achieve annual saving objective;
 Understand HSE & Fire-fighting hazard with in his/her position and at
workplace. To implement position safety responsibility strictly. Included
working areas and sites of involved projects;
 Be familiar with the safety production rules and SOPs within his/he position.
Be active in participation kind of safety activities including educations and
trainings, safety meetings, safe start etc.;
 Report substandard conditions and behaviors in safety field. Be active in
safety activities and safety inspections, find and report hidden risks timely,
raise suggestions on HSEQ performance improvement such as safety
production, energy saving, environmental protection etc.;
 Protect and use all kinds of safety equipment. Wear and use PPEs correctly;
 Understand the emergency treatment measures, strengthen the ability on
accident prevention and emergency response. Be aware of his/her rights and
duties in safety production;
Context and environment
The position is responsible for mentoring Black belts, Breen Belts and Yellow Belts,
thereby enabling them to continuously upgrade their Lean & Six sigma knowledge and
application skills with state-of-the-art practices. Also assist in the identification, selection
and review of Lean & Six Sigma projects.
Collaborate with leadership to drive the improvement in cost performance, quality
performance, customer satisfaction, etc. to gain competitiveness.
Qualifications / experience required:
 Knowledge and experiences in disciplines of manufacturing, including HSE,
production, maintenance, logistics, lean & sig sigma, quality management and
control, etc.;
 Good interpersonal communication and presentation skills;
 Good English skill;
 Strong initiative and leadership;
 Change management capability;
 Capability to manager a diverse team in transverse organization;
 Capability to listen to stakeholders and define the best solution for the company;
 Basic knowledge of Maintenance management and spare parts stock
 Minimum Black Belt, Master Black Belt is preferred

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