财务总监 CFO

Published on 16/05/2022

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Job Description:

•Focus on company strategy ,Fully responsible for the company's capital operation related work。Provide solutions for equity restructuring, equity allocation, asset restructuring, business restructuring, structure building, and internal control system construction during the company's IPO operation, and promote the company's IPO process
•Follow up and evaluate the work results of brokers, law firms, audit and other intermediaries;
•Responsible for the research and planning of the company's capital market operation, assist the president and executives to understand the relevant policies, laws and regulations of capital operation, conduct research on the company's listing and capital market financing, and submit relevant research reports for reference by decision-makers
•Participate in the analysis and decision-making of important matters of the group, and provide financial analysis and decision-making basis for the business management, business development and foreign investment of the enterprise.
•Improve the company's various financial management systems and internal control systems, and build an internal control system that meets the compliance requirements of planned listed companies
•Organize,lead and guide the group and subsidiary companies financial management, cost management, budget management, accounting, accounting supervision and other aspects of work, strengthen the company's economic management and improve economic benefits;
•Team works with all aspects. Establish and improve the company's investment management system and capital operation, and excellent operation.
•Group policy set up , promotion ,execution, follow up. Etc.
•Responsible for the group reporting related.
•Others assigned .

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