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Published on 10/06/2022

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Job Description:

Job Objective:
­Lead team to deliver on time, with the right quality, the software products.
­Lead team for software technology development and product technology planning, and be responsible for and guide the advanced technology research and development;
­Lead team to implement product development (including ICC cockpit / Automous Driving / Intellgent connectivity and other products), and provide professional analysis, opinions and judgment for the synchronous development of product system and the problem points in the application process
Be responsible for the long-term health of team, hiring and retaining top talent, creating a healthy environment where everyone can do their best work and provide hands on technical leadership as needed, with architecture, design, code reviews, development, quality assurance and live sit

­10+ years of software development experience in the automotive software industry and 5+ years management experience
­Have a deep understanding of the software architecture and operating system of automotive intelligent electronics
­Have a number of experience in planning automotive intelligent electronic systems and practical software development experience in control systems / products (ICC cockpit / Automous Driving / Intellgent connectivity etc.);
­Familiar with the industry direction, technical trend and standards of automotive intelligent system / product / control core & the development of laws and regulations;

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