Published on 25/10/2022

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Job Description:

Conduct in-depth advanced geological analyses and initiate as well as promote new innovative geological ideas.
Serve as a consultant on geological matters that require an unusually high degree of skill and experience for the sake of optimum earth solutions.
Act as a technical advisor to assigned professionals and researchers as is necessary to adequately perform work assignments.
Prepare reports and oral presentations of the outcome of the geological studies for review by management.
Reviews and supervises work of other geologists occasionally and submit essential recommendations
Assist in training to less experienced geologists through discussions and work sessions.
Attend meetings and conferences that contribute significantly to advancing the individual's expertise.
Perform other miscellaneous duties as directed by the Manager.

PhD degree in geology or other related sciences.
Minimum of 10 years working experiences in the oil industry.
The experience should include hands-on technical work, such as developing and evaluating geologic modeling and basin analysis as well as providing responsible technical supports.
Skills and experience in people and project management required.
Have a track record of publications with impact on peer-reviewed technical journals.
Good communication skills in English (writing and speaking) are essential.
Highly regarded and recognized as a renowned expert in his field.

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