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Global review of HR trends in SSCs and GBS centres

近年来,商业服务业(BSS)已成为全球经济增长的基石和就业机会的重要来源。Wyser(Gi Group Holding)探索了15个国家的BSS行业格局,确定了这个快速发展的市场面临的最大挑战和优势。

In recent years, the business services sector (BSS) has emerged as a cornerstone of global economic growth and a vital source of employment opportunities. Wyser (Gi Group Holding) explored the BSS landscape in 15 countries, identifying the top challenges and strengths that characterize this rapidly evolving market.


BSS market is estimated to be worth over € 1 trillion, with a significant portion attributed to the BPO and ITO markets. The industry has experienced consistent growth, driven by an increasing demand for cost-effective and efficient solutions across various industries. This sector employs millions of professionals worldwide, offering a diverse range of job opportunities and contributing significantly to the global workforce.


Comprising shared services centers, global business services, business process outsourcing (BPO), information technology outsourcing (ITO), and research and development (R&D) centers, BSS market is undeniably an attractive and vital sector: it drives cost efficiencies for organizations and has the capacity for fostering innovation and enabling business resilience and adaptability.


The business services sector is characterized by several geographical clusters, each with its unique advantages and reasons for attracting BSS organizations:

  • 中东欧该地区包括波兰、匈牙利和罗马尼亚等国,由于其受过良好教育的劳动力、有竞争力的成本以及在欧盟内的战略位置,已成为共享服务中心和研发中心的首选目的地。
  • Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). This region, including countries like Poland, Hungary, and Romania, has become a preferred destination for SSCs and R&D centers due to its well-educated workforce, competitive costs, and strategic location within the European Union.
  • 印度和菲律宾作为全球最大的两个BPO和ITO目的地,这两国拥有数量庞大、技术娴熟、性价比高的人才库,以及强大的英语能力和有利的商业环境。
  • India and the Philippines. As two of the world’s largest BPO and ITO destinations, these countries offer a large, skilled, and cost-effective talent pool, coupled with strong English language proficiency and a favorable business environment.
  • 拉丁美洲由于该地区靠近美国、时区一致且有熟练劳动力,越来越多的全球公司在该地区建立了中心,如巴西、墨西哥和哥伦比亚等国,已然成为BSS中心。
  • Latin America. Countries such as Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia have emerged as BSS hubs, with a growing number of global companies establishing centers in the region due to its proximity to the United States, time-zone alignment, and availability of skilled labor.
  • 北美美国和加拿大拥有多个高科技和研发中心,这得益于领先科技公司的存在、顶尖人才的获取以及政府对创新的大力支持。
  • North America. The United States and Canada are home to several high-tech and R&D centers, driven by the presence of leading technology companies, access to top talent, and strong government support for innovation.


In addition to region-specific trends, BSS companies worldwide are facing 3 main challenges: digital transformation, talent management and increasing complexity of regulatory and compliance requirements.



These challenges have two main effects:

  • 组织模式从简单的共享服务中心(SSC)和面向流程的服务,向全球商业服务模式(GBS)和卓越中心的转变随着混合工作模式的出现,这促使组织管理人力资源、雇主品牌和招聘策略的方式发生了重大变化,也给组织的运作方式带来了巨大变化。
  • Transition of organizations model from simple shared services centers (SSCs) and process-oriented services to global business services (GBS) models and centers of excellence. This brings about significant changes in the way organizations manage their human resources, employer branding, and recruitment strategies and, also, in the way organisations operate, as hybrid work models emerge.
  • 以人才为中心:吸引和留住高技能专业人员成为当务之急,例如针对他们的技能提升和再培训,这有助于他们保持竞争优势,以及敬业度,同时还可以保持员工的积极性和忠诚度。因此,人力资源管理战略需要进行调整,例如制定一项全面的员工计划,以识别和弥补人才缺口,同时确保有效的继任规划,或从传统的绩效评估转向更灵活、持续的、专注于个人发展和成长的反馈系统,或者识别和培养能够推动公司变革的潜在领导者。有效的雇主价值主张(EVP),被理解为组织为员工提供的福利、奖励和机会的独特组合,以换取他们的技能、专业知识和承诺,它可以成为吸引、留住和激励人才的关键因素,帮助组织在竞争激烈的人才市场中脱颖而出,并通过提高生产力、创新和降低周转成本,最终实现更好的经济效益。
  • Focus on people. Attraction and retention of highly skilled professionals becomes a top priority such as their upskilling and reskilling, in order to maintain a competitive edge, and their engagement, in order to keep workforce motivated, loyal and committed to organization success. As a consequence, HR management strategies need to adapt, for example developing a comprehensive workforce plan to identify and bridge talent gaps while ensuring effective succession planning or shifting from traditional performance evaluations to a more agile, continuous feedback system focused on development and growth, or identifying and nurturing potential leaders who can drive company through changes. An effective Employer Value Proposition (EVP), understood as unique combination of benefits, rewards, and opportunities that an organization offers its employees in return for their skills, expertise, and commitment, becomes key factor for talent attraction, retention and motivation helping organizations differentiate themselves in the competitive talent market, ultimately leading to better financial outcomes through increased productivity, innovation, and reduced turnover costs.


Another worldwide trend arose after COVID-19 pandemic is the spread of hybrid work models that bring both challenges and opportunity for business service sector companies. The experience so far has shown how hybrid work can improve flexibility, give access to a wider talent pool and allow cost savings through reduced office space requirements. On the other hand, the combination of remote and in-office work causes issues in terms of employee experience, with disparities in accessing in resources among workers, difficulty in fostering collaboration and team cohesion and increased management complexity. By carefully considering the pros and cons of hybrid work, BSS organizations can build a more agile, diverse, and resilient workforce and develop a well-balanced work model that supports employee well-being and productivity. Definitely one of the top challenges for managers is creation of a culture of trust and collaboration among remote and in-office employees.


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