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Published on 17 January 2023 - in General

Young leaders are reshaping the world of work. Will you be one of them? 年轻的领导者们正在重塑职场,你也是其中之一吗? 以往,领导者的角色一般属于50多到70多岁的人,然而过去有效的方法在未来并不一定适用。 Leadership roles used to…


Published on 29 November 2022 - in General

The growing importance of soft skills among managers points to the need for holistic hiring 软技能对管理者的日益重要性提升了对全面整体招聘的需求。 在瞬息万变的工作世界中,软技能对于管理者和领导者来说已经(并将)变得越来越重要。 In a rapidly…


Published on 17 June 2022 - in General

New skills for todays’s leaders 领导者们在后疫情时期应该具备哪些新技能? 2020年,我们的世界在一夜之间发生了或多或少的变化。短短几天之内,许多人、许多国家、许多政府和系统都陷入了或瘫痪或混乱的状态。 In 2020 our world changed more or less overnight, and in a matter…


Published on 10 November 2021 - in General

Generating powerful business impact with a tech-savvy work force. 有句话被说过很多遍,也被写过很多遍了,一家公司的价值取决于其人的价值,而人才是企业真正的增值资产。 It’s been said and written a thousand times; a company…


Published on 26 August 2021 - in General

Logistics, the true ‘onlife’ industry 新冠疫情的影响广泛而深刻。除了我们日常的生活习惯和工作方式外,企业与各行各业也深受影响。其中非常值得一提的,就是物流行业。 The impact of COVID-19 is extensive and profound. In addition to our daily habits…

Wyser: Digital Transformation 数字化转型

Published on 13 August 2021 - in General

数字化转型下,Wyser能为其合作伙伴提供什么? How can Wyser help as your partner in the Digital Transformation? 目前全球都在进行着数字化转型,其中涉及工业和商业、运输业、教育业、家庭,甚至是生活的各方各面。而且,在新冠疫情的影响下,基于云处理的解决方案和远程工作解决方案得到了快速发展,从而进一步推动了数字化转型的进程。 The digital transformation that we are currently…


Published on 9 March 2021 - in General

经历了一年的疫情后,企业管理者都有何想法?What do managers think after a year of pandemic? 2020年是充满挑战的一年,这也许是我们许多人可以记住的最具挑战性的一年。新冠疫情不仅让我们付出了巨大的生命健康代价,而且还遏制了全球经济近年来保持的增长趋势。2020 has been a challenging year; maybe the most challenging year…

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Published on 10 January 2021 - in General

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